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Foundation Trust


As a foundation trust we have more freedom to decide how to run our affairs and deliver our services, but we remain part of the National Health Service (NHS).

For example, if we make a surplus as a foundation trust, we can invest this back into our services. Like the NHS, foundation trusts have to deliver on national targets and standards, but are free to decide how to achieve this.

Being a foundation trust also means that there are more opportunities for our patients and their families, staff and local residents to play a part in our future by becoming members. Membership will make sure we deliver better patient and public engagement.

We are accountable to our members through an elected and appointed Council of Governors. Being a member provides the opportunity to take part in Council of Governors elections, representing the views of members and ensuring the Trust is accountable to the local community.

Who runs the Trust

The Trust Board is responsible for providing strategic leadership to the Trust, ensuring it exercises its functions effectively, efficiently and economically. It monitors arrangements to maintain quality and safety, including managing risks.

The Trust Board is led by the Trust Chair and the responsibility for day-to-day management of Trust business lies with the Chief Executive and Executive Directors.


As a foundation trust we are directly accountable to Parliament for the services we provide.

However there are some regulators who ensure we can continue to provide those services in a safe and sustainable way.

Our main regulators are the Care Quality Commission and NHS Improvement. In addition, as with all employers, we are inspected from time to time by bodies such as the Health and Safety Executive. There are also other bodies that ensure we are fit to do some specific activities.

Care Quality Commission

The quality of the services we provide is regulated by the Care Quality Commission. Recent inspection reports are available on the CQC website.

NHS Improvement

Our governance structure and procedure and the way we financially manage our business are regulated by NHS Improvement, formerly Monitor.

Monitor was established in January 2004 to authorise and regulate NHS foundation trusts. It became part of NHS Improvement in April 2016.

Statutory declarations

We are required to make certain statutory declarations which must be publicly available. You can view these, along with various other documents, on the publications page.

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